Would i notice the difference (6800GT or 6600GT)

  pb457 16:48 01 Oct 2005

Hi, I am upgrading my socket A setup in the very near future due to a fault with either the Processor or the motherboard. I will be using a MSI K8n Platinum SLI motherboard setup, Athlon 64 Venice core 3000+, 1 gb ram. I am now deciding on graphics cards. I can't decide which card to start with a 6600gt or a 6800gt. All these benchmark tests and pixel pipelines mean nothing to me. I am aware that two 6600gt are equivelant to one 6800gt but how good is the 6600gt. i would use it for flight simulator 2004 watching DVD's, Commandoes 3 call of duty, medal of honour. Would i see the benefits by getting a 6800gt or would the benefits be unnoticeable.
Thanks alot guys


  GaT7 17:45 01 Oct 2005

From click here:

"The information above is a lot to digest. If you take anything away from it, know that the 6600GT, despite is less complex architecture, does carry some serious firepower. We see the benefits of the the increase in core clock speed. If you allow the fewer pipelines more oppurtunities to do work, they will. This means scene complexities will not hinder the 6600GT, only fillrate.

In thinking about the experience I have had playing Half-Life 2 and Doom3, the 6600GT AGP owns the mid-range. You do not have the ability to run super high resolutions, but the latest game engines do not hurt your playability. If you buy a budget card, i.e. not the $400 6800GT or X800, you most likely won't buy a 22" monitor capable of freakishly high resolutions to go with it. In fact, you would likely have an older 17" or 19" CRT or a 17" LCD, most comfortable at 1024x768 or 1280x1024. At those resolutions, 2X or 4X FSAA is more than you would dream of asking of a $200 video card to deliver in the latest and greatest games, and the 6600GT, in deed, does deliver."

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Hope you get the card that suits you & your gameplay. Good luck : ) G

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  pb457 20:04 01 Oct 2005


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