Would i benefit from 1GB of RAM?

  GermfreeUnicycle 20:45 24 Feb 2003

I currently have 512MB ram installed in my XP 2000+ PC. I am always trying to get my PC to go faster (but not into overclocking). I use my computer for day to day tasks and listening to music, watching films and playing games. Would i benefit from another 512MB RAM or would the money be spent better elsewhere?

  rmn 20:48 24 Feb 2003

do the fims run smoothly if they do i would imagine you would not cos that is probably your most memory intensive thing.darren

  GermfreeUnicycle 20:50 24 Feb 2003

the fims?

  AMD 4 ever 21:52 24 Feb 2003

he meas films.
what hdd and graphics card do you have?

  The PC Doctor 21:53 24 Feb 2003

I would Suggest No.

Check on your system and see how much RAM is being used. I run Windows 2000 Professional and am only using approx 160Mg of my 512Mg RAM. I would suggest that you could look towards an better Graphics Card (I run a cheepo Nvidia Geforce2 MX/MX 400 AGP Card)

  Ironman556 21:58 24 Feb 2003

512 MB is quite a bit. You've not said what OS, but somewhere there should be a monitor which will tell you how much cpu power/memory etc is being used. Boot up and see how much is left, then open your usual programs and see what that leaves you with. If you still have a couple of hundred megs left then I wouldn't bother yet. It'd probably be better to wait a bit until the prices drop.


  vaughan007 23:22 24 Feb 2003

1gb of ram is an enourmous amount. I doubt you would notice any huge change at the moment as most software just doesn't need it. In the future however........

  « Ravin » 02:59 25 Feb 2003

crucial prices are down at the moment, so it wouldn't be a bad time to upgrade your ram £55 inc. vat for 512 mb of ddr ram

  powerless 03:34 25 Feb 2003

"day to day tasks" - 512MB is more than enough.

"listening to music" - Soundcard is more important...512MB is more than enough. Good speakers also.

"watching films " - Good graphics card needed.

"playing games" - Depends what games you play - 512MB is what is required by and recommended by most recently released games. 1GIG would help things, "load missions" a little faster. But if anything the graphics card is more important.

You would benefit, but i doubt you would see any difference compared to your 512MB...

Spend the money on something else.

However RAM is cheap at the moent so if you wish take advantage of that and add the extra 512MB.

  Lead 04:21 25 Feb 2003

I have recently taken advantage of (Crucial's) memory prices and upgraded to 1GB. Not too sure it's made any difference yet.

I thought with 1GB I could reduce my page file to something fixed and small, if not eliminate it totally, but XP keeps telling me it doesn't have enough virtual memory and overides my settings.

  vaughan007 08:18 25 Feb 2003

I did not know ram was so cheap at the moment.....£55 inc. vat for 512 mb of ddr ram is very cheap.....it cost me much more than that to go to 1gb....so perhaps it is a decent time to upgrade.....If your graphics card is a little on the old side, however, this would probably be the best way to boost your video performance.

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