Would like to finish network.

  Sapins 14:50 17 Jan 2006

Story so far; I have 1 PC with XP Home and another with 98SE. I have connected a Netgear DG834GFS router to the XP machine with an Ethernet cable, still in place, and installed a Netgear WG111FS USB adapter to the 98SE machine, at present using a USB 1 port. After some time I have got them both using the broadband internet connection.
Yesterday I tried to run the network wizard on XP, I thought it had gone in ok. I then used the XP CD to run the wizard on 98SE, it promptly put up a message "cannot run the wizard" could only click finish!

I can use IE and OE on both machines.

98SE machine, in tasktray next to clock, Small green square with beacon!symbol, mouse hovered over it gives - Netgear WG111v2 is connected to NETGEAR.

2 small computers symbol mouse hovered over it gives - Internet Gateway Connected.

I tried to "Share files and Folders" on XP and I thought that had worked until I discovered that I do not have "My Network Places on the start menu.

I can access the Configuration page for the router in XP.

I would like to share files and folders, a printer, the hard drives if possible and the DVD Writer drive on the XP system. I am waiting for a reply from Trust re installing their USB 2.0 card on 98SE.

If anyone needs further info from the settings etc; please ask in very simple terms, I think my brain is in a near fatal condition.

Regards, hopefully,


  Forum Editor 14:53 17 Jan 2006

I'm just going into a meeting. I'll be back here later - by which time you may have some input from other forum members.

  Forum Editor 16:45 17 Jan 2006

so this is a network problem - you already have a shared wireless connection going nicely by the sound of it.

Do you have a floppy drive on both computers? If so, run the networking wizard on the XP machine and accept the offer to make a floppy disk. Then use the floppy to configure the 98SE machine.

Make sure that both computers have the same workgroup name (MS HOME by default) and different computer names. Enable sharing on just one folder on the XP machine to start with - create a folder specifically for the purpose if you like, and do the same thing on the 98SE machine. You can add other folders when you're up and running, but let's keep it all very simple for the time being. It's a very bad idea to share the root of any drive in any machine which is connected to the internet, particularly one which is on a wireless network.

We can leave the router's settings alone - with luck we won't need to touch them.

When you've done all that, reboot both computers and see what you've got.

  Sapins 17:42 17 Jan 2006

I have made the floppy disk, when I put it in the 98SE PC I get this message "Cannot complete the Network Setup Wizard" Cannot find your network hardware etc:

  Sapins 17:56 17 Jan 2006

On restarting 98SE PC. This message box appears just before desktop loads.

Microsoft Networking.

No domain server was available to validate your password. You may not be able to gain access to some network resources. OK takes it to the next message:

Enter network Password.

User name .............

Password .............

Domain .............

clicking OK goes back to this message clicking cancel loads desktop.

  Sapins 18:00 17 Jan 2006

Also tried to "share" a folder on 98SE, no option to do so.

  Forum Editor 18:56 17 Jan 2006

On the Win98SE machine, go to Start/ settings/control panel/network

Select "Client For Microsoft Networks" and click "Properties". The logon to Domain box should not be ticked.

  Forum Editor 19:07 17 Jan 2006

Go to control panel and click on 'Network connections' then right click on the local area connection icon.

Select properties and then select TCP/IP. Click the properties button and in the general tab click the advanced button.

Select the WINS tab and put a tick against 'enable NETBIOS over TCP/IP'

Then click your way back to the desktop and restart.

  Sapins 19:36 17 Jan 2006

98SE goes straight to desktop. Do I run the wizard with the floppy?

XP, found My Network Places via Control Panel/network connections. Clicking on it shows Netgear DG834 Router.

  Forum Editor 19:45 17 Jan 2006


  Sapins 19:48 17 Jan 2006

Same result as before, Cannot complete the network setup wizard.

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