Would doubling the ram have a material effect on performance?

  MikeSA 18:45 13 Jul 2013

Would doubling the ram from 4GB to 8GB on a computer with an Intel G630 Processor, H61 Motherboard and running Windows 8 have a material effect on performance and speed up browsing?

  Nontek 19:37 13 Jul 2013

Yes, it should.

  alanrwood 19:38 13 Jul 2013

If you are running a 32 bit version it will not even be recognised by Windows so is a total waste of money. 32 bit versions can only address about 3.4 GB and the rest is wasted. On a 64 bit version it might help on memory intensive programs such as graphics and video. Speed of browsing would probably not be improved

  Nontek 20:12 13 Jul 2013

The G630 Processor is 64Bit and can take up to 32Gb RAM. We are talking about Win8 here, not XP.

  alanrwood 09:32 14 Jul 2013

Hi Nontek. Nearly every modern processor is 64 bit. That is not the issue. It is the ability of the operating system to address and utilise the RAM that matters. 32 bit Windows can not utilise any Ram above about 3.4 GB.. As the OP is suggesting to increase up to 8GB it is very relevant whether he is using a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system

  Nontek 10:06 14 Jul 2013


Agreed, we need to know whether OP has 32bit or 64bit - but I was assuming (not the right thing to do I know) that with Win8 OP would be using 64bit - simply because when I changed from XP to Win7 I went for 64Bit so I could use more RAM.

  MikeSA 14:44 14 Jul 2013

Thanks to everyone for all the prompt responses. I am using Windows 8 64 bit operating system but, as speed of browsing in particular would not be improved by increasing ram from 4GB to 8 GB, am I correct that to do so would be a waste of money? Currently I am on 3G Broadband but I find the browsing speed rather slow. Is there any other way to speed up browsing?

  Nontek 15:04 14 Jul 2013

I still say doubling your RAM would be an improvement.

  Nontek 15:06 14 Jul 2013

I meant to add that RAM these days is not that expensive - I clearly remember when RAM cost £1 per Gb!!

  Nontek 15:09 14 Jul 2013

Ooops, my sincere apologies for my non-deliberate mistake re cost .... I was thinking of Hard Drive capacity not RAM!!

  alanrwood 17:43 14 Jul 2013

Where can I buy RAM at £1 per GB. (I think you meant kB. I also remember a time when an extra 512KB card of ram for an IBM PC would cost nearly £500).

Now we know that the OP is using 64 bit Windows then adding Ram will certainly improve things but not sure it will do a great deal for his browsing as the speed of his internet connection will be a large factor. As you say however Ram is very cheap at the moment so it will probably be worth the try.

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