Would like broadband but........

  mrsp 20:01 15 Apr 2004

I have two computers (never used at the same time), one is upstairs. If I were to put a broadband modem on each one, with the existing phone sockets, would this work, more so would it be allowed ?. Thank you

  mrsp 20:07 15 Apr 2004

forgot to add, if this is not possible would I be able to use broadband on the main computer and
leave the other as it is, using it online as it usually is ?. Than you

  stalion 20:14 15 Apr 2004

You can use Broadband on both computers providing the spec on both is adequate.When you apply you will need the extra equipment provided by the ISP to enable you to use both computers.If you use one computer on Broadband the other one will not be able to use the internet because it will not be able to use the line.Regards

  paddyjack 20:17 15 Apr 2004

If you are going to keep them seperate a USB moden is not that hard to drag around the house.

  Graham ® 20:24 15 Apr 2004

You can have broadband in use on one computer, and dial-up 56K on the other, at the same time.

You can have a BB modem on each PC, but only plug one into the phone socket at a time.

As paddyjack, you can instal BB on both PCs, then transfer the modem as required. That is the most cost-effective way.

  GaT7 21:03 15 Apr 2004

I think you can easily link both PC's with b'band if you use a wireless router. Since the signal on the wireless network is very strong, you can travel quite a distance though obstacles to get the signal. A friend once told me that he knew someone who had a wireless network at home. They have a PC in the basement where the router and ADSL modem are, and he has another PC on the top floor. The signal is strong enough to travel through 3 floors of wood and drywall. click here for some more info & prices. Good luck, G

  GaT7 15:53 16 Apr 2004

Thought this may be helpful to you as well - 'Multiple PCs & one Internet Connection' from the MS website - click here

  roy 16:42 16 Apr 2004

Just a mention...you could rig up a simple ad hoc wireless network with just two of these.
click here

I have not tried them so cannot vouch for the signal strength. With an ad hoc arrangement both pc's could access the net at the same time but only one would be connected to it directly. The other would access the net through the first (the gateway) and could therefore only do that when your first pc was switched on and on line.
For more of the same click here
and click here

This is not necessarily the best solution but may be a cheap one.

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