Would this be possible?...

  [DELETED] 10:16 26 May 2006

...a friend of mine has two computers, both linked wirelessly, through a Safecom router, into a BT line. His son wants access too, but he lives in the basement flat in his Dad's house and cannot get a good signal from his Dad's router.

Between them, they've come up with this idea. They have another router and there is a phone extension in the basement. Can he attach the second router to this, thereby allowing them both internet access? Or would it be a case of one router at a time only?

  mgmcc 12:02 26 May 2006

It is actually the MODEM in a combined Modem/Router which connects to the phone line and you cannot have two ADSL modems connected simultaneously. In any case, the whole point of a router is to allow multiple computers to connect to the internet when the ISP only allocates a single IP address; this in itself would prevent the use of two modems because each connection to the ISP requires a unique IP address.

  [DELETED] 12:48 26 May 2006

...point clear. Obvious really, wasn't it? Must be getting old (8¬[).

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