Would anyone know where to find

  slowhand_1000 10:45 09 Dec 2003

an image scroller like the one here click here

Someone has asked me if I can put something similar on their site for them. I initially was going to use Photoshops Web Photo Gallery. But after they saw the demo in the link above.........

I have trawled the internet without much success. The only ones I have found you have to buy. Due to limited costs they were looking to see if there's any free ones available.

If required I can use a friends pc that has Flash installed, should that be the way to go. Though it would have to be something simple to get my head round.


  Taran 11:05 09 Dec 2003

Try click here and run a search for scroller and image scroller and select JavaScript from the drop down list of languages to search in.

There are a few but I'm not sure if any will be exactly what you want.

I'll have a hunt around in the meantime and see if I can come up with anything suitable.

  slowhand_1000 12:23 09 Dec 2003

Thanks for the link Taran.

I found a couple of similar ones in the Flash section, though I'm not to sure if they are what he wants. I will have a look at them later to see if I can get my head round them.

I will leave this open just in case anything else pops up.


  slowhand_1000 14:30 10 Dec 2003

Those I found are not what he wanted. So it looks like he will have to have the Photoshop one.

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