Wots best XP Home or Pro ??

  Baslla321 11:47 22 Oct 2003

I just got a second new PC which has Windows XP Home. I had previously bought a Win XP Pro.Full or upgrade as I intended to upgrade my old Windows 98 PC. Is there a big difference between the two? My PC is only for my home use.

  recap 12:15 22 Oct 2003

Personally I would go for the Full Version of XP Pro not just an upgrade. There are more features with XP Pro than XP home, XP Home is a stipped down version of Pro.

  wx622 15:06 22 Oct 2003

If you can afford it, buy a full copy of XP Pro

Amazon's price is about the best you will get click here

This may seem a lot of money, but as recap points out, the Home edition is severely cut down, and an upgrade will leave a lot of your old OS taking space up on your hard drive. Also there are more likely to be problems with an older PC after upgrading to XP Home than with XP Pro.

  Djohn 15:14 22 Oct 2003

Are you asking if there is a difference between XP Home and XP Pro. or XP Pro full edition and XP Pro up-grade?

You say that you have already bought XP Pro. But I'm a little confused if you have the full version or the up-grade version. Regards. j.

  Mango Grummit 15:27 22 Oct 2003

Pro is for business use. Home is for home use.

With XP Home you will get a lot of stuff you (as a home user, if you are) will not need.

With XP Pro you will get a lot more stuff that even businesses do not need (or use).

Mainly the differences are in the areas of security which most home users do/should have adequately covered anyway with a good AV and firewall.

Security is an entirely different issue for business.

You may receive some alternative views on this but I doubt very much if any home user will be able to explain in detail why Pro is better than Home for home use --- unless you work for a business that has some licenses to be used up of course in which case go for Pro, but not with your own money.

  Mango Grummit 15:37 22 Oct 2003

Sorry chaps, didn't read your material before posting.

What features are you thinking of that XP Pro has over XP Home for the average home user?

Home is not a "stripped" Pro btw, it is different for sure by merit of the fact it is intended for a different customer.

The features you mention are ......... ??

  rev.bem 15:37 22 Oct 2003
  Mango Grummit 15:43 22 Oct 2003

Good link, and Drive Image takes care of item 4 if System Restore should let you down.

  wx622 15:48 22 Oct 2003

This is all very true, but this is Microsoft's psychobabble at its best. XP Home has several problems associated with it that are annoying even for a home user. For instance, if you require ICS and/or a home network (even just a crossover cable), you could have difficulty linking up XP Home and XP Pro, because of the subtle differences between the two OS's. XP Home only supports simple file sharing, and this could be a problem if you want your two PC's to, for example, be networked to play games. The two computers will also be more agreeable to each other (if networked) if they are both running the same OS., even for normal resource sharing.

  Mango Grummit 16:07 22 Oct 2003

LOL ..... well you said it:

"Microsoft's psychobabble"

"XP Home only supports simple file sharing,"

So XP Home for home use and XP Pro for business.

GREAT wx622 - we agree.

I'm leaving this now, look in tom.

regards, best wishes, M

  AubreyS 16:12 22 Oct 2003

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