Wot is Ooqa Ooqa in PCA heading?

  Baslla321 14:37 01 Dec 2003

What does Ooqa Ooqa stand for in PC Advisor heading please?

  [email protected]@m 14:59 01 Dec 2003

It's a new advertising thing. click here

  [email protected]@m 15:00 01 Dec 2003

Strike 'new'.

  Taff36 15:02 01 Dec 2003

Started about a month ago here`s my original thread click here There were a few others too !!

At the end of the day it seems quite harmless though and you can opt out of it as Forum Editor states in the last post. (No Pun Intended) To do so check the browser and somewhere to the left is a minute exit or opt out button and everything returns to normal.

  Baslla321 19:02 01 Dec 2003

Thanks for your info. Regards

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