Worth upgrading router?

  scott26985 15:32 14 Feb 2007

My router is a eTec (b type) and I have BT broadband. I have one PC pluged into router wired via USB and another PC accessing Wirelessly.

I have a new pc coming with Vista and fast prosscer and Ram

Is it worth upgrading the router to a G type? I hear its faster.

  ed-0 15:41 14 Feb 2007

What connection speed are you on from BT?

  scott26985 16:19 14 Feb 2007

I just called BT to check. I think I am on 2MB

  ed-0 17:12 14 Feb 2007

Do a speed test on your wireless computer click here

Try it at two or three different times of the day and post the results.

Just wanting to see if the "B" router is giving you the full bandwidth of 2Mb.

As to the vista bit, if the router is giving you access to 2Mb bandwidth, they would be no need to upgrade your router.

there is no reason I can think of to change a router, just because you are getting a different operating system. the only issue I can think of is if the "b" standard router is giving you the maximum connection speed.

  scott26985 18:47 14 Feb 2007


Wednesday at 6.40pm -

1856 kbps download
246 kbps upload

  ed-0 19:41 14 Feb 2007

You don't need a new router.

Your "b" standard one is copeing quite well with your 2Mb connection. You may need to upgrade if you go to a higher speed.

  woodchip 19:46 14 Feb 2007

It only runs slow on a Wireless

  woodchip 19:47 14 Feb 2007


  ed-0 19:54 14 Feb 2007


  woodchip 20:00 14 Feb 2007

Just set off Acronis creating a Image after XP updates

  ed-0 20:42 14 Feb 2007

there has been a few today, updates.

I took an image over the weekend.

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