worth new operating sys. installation -old laptop?

  cgcg 20:19 09 Jun 2017

Is it worth having a new operating system installed on old laptop? I need something reliable for use with special software for school (three months of use tops). Is dumping a bit of money into an old Toshiba that does not work well worth it? Or can buying a cheap one for a few months of work be a reliable option?

  The Kestrel 21:31 09 Jun 2017

Depending upon which OS you are hoping to install, you may find the old laptop does not have the minimum specs to operate the OS. Find out what are the minimum specs for the OS you hope to install and then compare them to the specs of the laptop.

Also you need to find out the minimum specs needed to run the special software and again compare them to the laptops specs.

  MJS WARLORD 22:23 09 Jun 2017

you dont say what op sys you have , trash xp , vista , 7 , 8 i used them all on different pc's... forget the horror stories about w10 , step 1 is type in browser ... can my pc run w10 , IF you have w7 you can still got free 10 from ms even though they say you cant, i put free 10 on a pc after the deadline ,, just surf to find the right links..... just type free windows 10 upgrade and study the links , you will eventually find one for ms site...

  lotvic 23:52 09 Jun 2017

The MS link for free upgrade and details for 'Customers who use assistive technologies' are on PCAdvisor click here

  BRYNIT 00:08 10 Jun 2017

You say the laptop is not working well! Installing a new OS may not rectify the problem. Why not do a factory reset if it has a recovery partition or create a set of recovery disks to do a clean install and install updates may just rectify the problem all instructions should be in the instruction manual.

  Menzie 01:01 10 Jun 2017

You should make sure all the hardware is supported first.

My laptop works well with XP, Vista and 7 but Windows 8 has no video drivers for it apart from some generic driver that allows general use but can't even play video smoothly.

Check that all the hardware in the laptop is supported first. If not cloning the HDD to revert back to the previous state would be a good step to take.

What do you mean by the laptop not working well?

  cgcg 05:09 11 Jun 2017

Well I wanted this done before and my ex downloaded a version of windows 10 and out it on. I want to go back to an older operating system that hopefully will function smoothly. It is so glitch and slow I am worried it will crash with the specialty software.

I really don't know much about computers but the computer says Processor: AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 1.50 GHz Installed RAM: 8.00 GB System type: 64-bit I think reverting to an older operating system would be what I need.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:30 11 Jun 2017

Well those specs should run windows 10 with no problems. I'm running 10 on a Compaq with a Celeron CPU and only 2G of RAM.

Back up any data you want to keep and Try a reset without saving data.

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