Worth keeping old gfx card ?

  radi8or 12:03 23 Nov 2003

Hi all,
Was running a Ti4200 graphics card but, after having freeze ups running anything 3D, blackouts after running for a while and finding a temp of nearly 70C after one b/out,got a new card.

Is it worth stripping down the old card and fitting new h/s and fan to put into another computer just for internet,e mail and "normal" use or will it be fizzed.

Your thoughts appreciated.

regards Bob

  Diemmess 12:06 23 Nov 2003

Yes - if you also collect hair shirts and old tyres.

  Cybermaxx 12:16 23 Nov 2003

It doesn't seem to me to be worth all the bother. Not when you can buy an MX 420/440 dirt cheap.

  radi8or 12:28 23 Nov 2003

Who told you about my shirts and tyres.

A relative wants a computer built just thought it might save a bob or three and I just wanted to rip the nuts off it after all the agg it gave me.

thanks for input

regards Bob

  Diemmess 12:35 23 Nov 2003

Understand how you feel, but these things are better done in private.

depend's really, could be a good idea to fit a new heat sink fan and then re-use it, i certainly would do it.

But the only problem is that it is overheating so it may worth be looking at it and trying to sort out!

  radi8or 13:08 23 Nov 2003

Pilch from exiled-gamers.co.uk
Hopefully a combo of ropey h/s fan,rubbish thermal paste and overworked, I'll give it go i'll show it whose boss around here.

Thanks again

regards Bob

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