is this worth buying??

  josh223 18:47 13 Feb 2006

click here

does any1 no how 2 fix this

  stalion 18:50 13 Feb 2006

there are no bids and to repair is probably impossible.

  Ray5776 19:23 13 Feb 2006

Is it worth buying?

NO in a nutshell.

  Ray5776 19:26 13 Feb 2006

If you want to buy some broken hard drives I can sell you a couple of 120s less than a year old :).

  bluto1 19:27 13 Feb 2006

Definitely not

  Totally-braindead 19:28 13 Feb 2006


  DieSse 19:28 13 Feb 2006

Do not buy it. If it's really under warranty, the owner is stupid not to get it replaced and then they'd have a new one to sell.

  mike1967 19:28 13 Feb 2006

Aint ebay great people will sell any shit, and probably some muppet will buy

  DieSse 19:29 13 Feb 2006

Why not get them repaired/replaced under warranty - before they're too old?????

  Ray5776 20:27 13 Feb 2006

Why don`t I return under warranty.

I don`t know where the receipts are and I have buggered about with them. They are appx 1yr old could be less or slightly over both failed in 2wk period (Hitachi) I would have returned them if things were simpler.


  spuds 20:32 13 Feb 2006

eBay and faulty electrical/electronic goods, a definate no.

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