Worried about IE7

  old&nojob 12:04 24 Sep 2006

I do a few websites and test with IE6, Op8, N8 and FFox. I have read about IE7 but not sure what's being delivered in this new package.

I would like to test with it but not prepared to change to it on my dev laptop as I do not want problems at this stage. Is there a way to test online? Or shall I just ignore this for now.

The only other thought is to adapt my backup locally networked server (Linux) to have IE7 but this probably means buying Windows Home or Pro. Any thoughts?

  anskyber 14:42 24 Sep 2006

Difficult to advise because like all Betsa there are potential problems. The IE7 RC1 appears to be very close to the final version which is expected to be out before the end of the year.

I decided to try it in this form, obviously creating a restore point (in XP) before doing so. The MS site makes it clear that if you do not like IE7 RC1 then an unistall will roll it back to IE6.

Can you meet the sytem rquirements though? click here

  anskyber 14:43 24 Sep 2006


  Forum Editor 14:45 24 Sep 2006

I'm currently running Vista with Internet Explorer 7+

It's a delight - fast and reliable. IE 7+ doesn't like Sun Microsystems Java, but that's a minor niggle, and it will be fixed. All the sites I currently have in development are being tested in this version, and so far we've hit no snags.

  ade.h 16:29 24 Sep 2006

Something that I think is worth serious consideration: if you use CSS, it might be wise not to upgrade to IE7 on your main test machine, at least not for some time yet.

Most people will have IE6 for quite a while yet, but more crucial than that is the strict needs of IE6 with regard to CSS as it lags a little behind Mozilla-based browsers and has some unique requirements. Testing in IE7, which will have many CSS-related improvements, may not reveal a problem that IE6 users will experience.

  Forum Editor 16:38 24 Sep 2006

I'm in broad agreement, but bear in mind that in January (or thereabouts) Vista will launch, and everyone who instals it will also install IE7 by default. Current indications are that there's going to be a massive Vista Take-up, and that means lots of IE7 surfers.

Which is why all our testing is done for IE 7 (as well as IE6 and other browsers of course).

  ade.h 16:47 24 Sep 2006

Well, hmmm, I don't know! You're better placed than I to assess the likely takeup of Vista. While I expect that it will be very good, it is always very important to look after those who haven't yet upgraded or can't/won't do so. Preaching the choir there, I know, but I think this will be quite a long transitional period - as they usually are - during which the huge IE6 userbase will still be pretty big. Really, I blame MS for not updating IE6 sooner! ;o)

  anskyber 17:33 24 Sep 2006

Like it or not when MS release the IE7 later this year as a high priority update very many people will download it for that reason alone.

I know that the update will come with a choice not to download it but MS will plug this as an important change for security reasons.

My point is that even those who do not migrate to Vista, many (I suspect the majority) will upgrade to IE7. So web sites that do not function perfectly with IE7 will be at a disadvantage (in my view). My local Council for example is working hard to make their current non compliant site workable with IE7.

  ade.h 17:40 24 Sep 2006

No-one would argue that sites will have to work with IE7, but I believe that sites should also work to a reasonable standard with just about every browser from the last few years, not to mention screen readers, text-only browser and those that do not support scripts. There is even a Netscape userbase to consider for example, but most people have long forgotten about it.

With IE7, there should not be many problems with a well coded site. Strict XHTML 1.0 and CSS2 should be properly and correctly utilised by IE7.

  anskyber 17:58 24 Sep 2006

OK, yes with you on that one. My comments were aimed at old&nojob and his question should he ignore IE7 for now, naturally I do not think he can if he is into web design.

  ade.h 18:09 24 Sep 2006

No he shouldn't ignore it, but he is unlikely find any major issues with his sites, so it is not an immediate must-have. While it is in pre-release form, I will steer clear of it anyway.

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