worms, viruses and trojans

  tasslehoff burrfoot 20:55 26 Nov 2004

Hi all

I am trying to help out a friend via email and could do with some input.

We have identified he has a couple of trojans, a worm and a virus. AVG has detected all of them and sorte out the virus.

I have asked him to download, install and update A2 and scan. A2 can't get rid of them, I asked him to scan in safe mode but he cannot get his mouse to work in safe mode (it's a normal (p/s2??) connection). Trend housecall has also identified the worm and trojan but cannot get rid of them.

I have asked him to download the trial edition of trojan hunter and try that. In the meantime, I have found removal intructions on the symantec site which involve registry editing. If he goes start>run>"regedit" the registry flashes up and then is gone so he cannot do this.

He is running windows 2000 pro and the trojan is something like backdoor.irc.sdbot and the worm ends in the word Dong (I'll double check the names with him if needed).

I have never used win2000, but am sure it doesn't have system restore, can anyone confirm this?

And can anyone offer any advise on how to get rid of these.

Or how to make regedit stay open so he can follow the symantec instructions.

I have asked him to e-mail me a Hijack this log so I am gonna try find a tutorial on how to use that, if anyone knows a good forum that will study a HT log for us I would be very grateful.

Many thanks and sorry for such a long post!


  SurfMonkey _#:@} 20:59 26 Nov 2004

I used to use AVG but it never seemed to pick up an anything so I changed ti click here .com free home adition and hey pristo it picked up 2 viruses strait away and cleaned them if not give click here a go and use the house call

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:04 26 Nov 2004

He has tried house call with no luck. AVG is fine with the viruses, will Avast clean Trojans? I thought it was a virus checker? Happy to be corrected :)


  JIM 21:10 26 Nov 2004

download the latest Stinger it may help.

Posted link on this forum.

click here

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:23 26 Nov 2004

I've sent him the link.


  Dan the Confused 21:27 26 Nov 2004

Ewido click here is good.

  VoG II 21:30 26 Nov 2004

click here

You can post a HJT log here. Download from click here and follow tutorial click here

You may need to post the log (including the header information) in chunks because of the 800 word limit here. Also, double-space it by adding a blank line every other line.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:41 26 Nov 2004

I have emailed the links to him and asked him to send me a HJT log.



  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:30 29 Nov 2004

Sorry for the delay in my response, I have been waiting for my friend to send me the HJT log.

He has emailed me today to say that Stinger has done the trick and removed the blighters and so has not sent me the log. I'm pleased that he seems to be okay now but is it possible that these nasties where just the "tip of the iceberg"?

Would HJT be able to confirm he is in fact clean, or would that be a waste of time now?

Many thanks


  JIM 22:13 30 Nov 2004

Posting a HJT log is good advice from the members.One way for sure that you will know all is well.(not a waste off time)I'am sure, Nellie2 may help out if around.


  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:40 30 Nov 2004

thanks, I'll see if I can get him to send me one.


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