Bowsprit 21:27 29 May 2004

AVG found this and can't remove it and it won't go into security vault so it's still alive.

Checked with Mcafee and Symantec and this particular one is not listed.What now ?

  Djohn 21:31 29 May 2004

If using XP then turn off system restore and scan again with AVG, it will remove it.

Turn off system restore by right click on my computer/properties/system restore tab and place a tick in the box. After removal turn sys. restore back on. j.

  Bowsprit 21:46 29 May 2004

Using Win 2k on this computer.Tried AVG again but it can't even putit in the vault.That's why i posted to see if anyone had heard of it.

  VoG II 21:47 29 May 2004

Are you sure that is what it is called? Google returns zilch.

  Bowsprit 21:55 29 May 2004

That is what AVG is showing it as.A good few named Agobot on Mcafee website but none with the same letters/numbers after the name.

  Djohn 22:18 29 May 2004

Copy of my post to "nellie2" when I picked up a variation of this same worm two weeks back. Nel recommended trend micro for an on-line scan just to make sure. Spybot S&E 1.3 picked it up and instructed me to use AVG to remove it. But you must disable or remove any restore points first.

Hope this is of some help. j.


Worm/agobot.13 BK

Avg removed it [Turned off sys. restore first and cleared all temp. files.]
Log back on and it was back within 5 minutes in fact AVG flashed up 6 times in less than 5 minutes! Not sure if it was reminding me of the one virus or if the same virus hit me 6 times.

Logged off again and AVG healed it. Logged back on and it was straight back!

Cleared everything again and have been back on-line for 20 minutes now without problem, Any idea why this may have happened? I've been on-line for almost four years now and never caught a virus until last week [twice] then this barrage tonight.

Found this info. on @Trend'

It attempts to log into systems using a list of user names and passwords. This worm then drops a copy of itself in accessed machines.

It also terminates antivirus-related processes and dropped files by other malware. This worm steals CD keys of certain game applications, then sends gathered data to a remote user via mIRC, a chat application. It also has backdoor capabilities and may execute remote commands in the host machine.

  Djohn 22:20 29 May 2004

for trend. click here and do a free on-line scan. j.

  Bowsprit 22:48 29 May 2004

Used Scan Micro and it not only found and removed Agobot but it also found and removed Nachi which AVG missed (you get what you pay for).Ran AVG again and everything was clear.

Thanks for your help.I've put Trend Micro in favourites.

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