worm virus from kazaa

  murder the virus makers 14:38 22 Apr 2003

i have just had my own, first PERSONAL computer. i have had pc-cillin 03 and black ice installed. i use kazaa and to my horror, yesterday picked up a worm virus. pc cillin showed me a huge list of files infected. these i think were deleted and not cleaned. im not used to this firewall business n' stuff. is my system safe now those files were deleted? have i completely lost all those files? is kazaa well known for this sort of thing? is there a better file sharer? (anyone have comments on winmx?) now u understand my user name :] hey... :[

  -pops- 14:45 22 Apr 2003

Unfortunately nasty unwanted additions to your computer are a normal happening with Kazaa and ALL related P2P programs.

P2P applications should only be used by those with suicidal tendencies.

Apart from that, these programs are normally used for less than legal activities and they don't engender much sympathy in this forum.


  soy 14:48 22 Apr 2003

You should update your virus scaner and do a complete scan of your hard drive. If nothings found then your system is probably safe.

Kazaa and every other file sharing program will give you viruses and worms etc. You don't share from kazaa, you are sharing with people around the world and its impossible to know what you are going to get. So trying a different file-sharing program will not give you any more protection. The best protection you can get will be to remove and not use any.

Hope this helps.

  MAJ 14:49 22 Apr 2003

You'll need to do a full scan again, murder the virus makers, just to be on the safe side, but usually if a virus scanner says it has cleaned your system you can believe it. Try a free second opinion from another scanner, click here It's a problem you will run into with those P2P file sharing applications from time to time, none are any safer than the other. The best you can do is scan each file as you download it.

  graham√ 14:55 22 Apr 2003

Your problems may be just beginning! Wait 'til you try to uninstall kazaa!

  murder the virus makers 14:59 22 Apr 2003

thanks for the advice, maj especially.

you mean no one else downloads music & movies? !!!

  murder the virus makers 15:01 22 Apr 2003

what does that mean?!!! B***er!

  MAJ 15:07 22 Apr 2003

Some do, some don't, murder the virus makers, personally I just "rip" (copy) any songs I want from my CDs and use them in my car or on my PC. As I only have a 56k connection, downloading a movie would be a chore I can do without.

  murder the virus makers 15:47 22 Apr 2003

AHH! i...i...just had 600k ntl. (no offence!)
but i think i might stop this downloading so much. well you know its for free n all. makes the broadband bill easier if i dont have to buy cds! i think this helproom is great. its a new thing for me and its helped. well i hope my baby is ok when i check my whole system tonight. wish me luck MAJ.


  -pops- 16:04 22 Apr 2003

Come back if you do have problems. There have been so many threads about the awful things that Kazaa and similar things have done to people's computers that it is very likely that someone here will be able to sort you out.

Good luck!!!


  bab5 16:27 22 Apr 2003

murder the virus makers,

try going to this site for a online scan, might help

click here

if you are going to download off kazza, try scanning the files with a good AV first before opening them,


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