A worm that sleeps

  jakimo 00:21 16 Jul 2004
  Dan the Confused 00:38 16 Jul 2004

Thanks for that, jakimo. Sounds like a slippery little sucker!

Think it's more of a problem for anti-virus companies than for users though.

  CurlyWhirly 00:45 16 Jul 2004

Dan the Confused

Sounds like a slippery little sucker!
Think it's more of a problem for anti-virus companies than for users though.


  jakimo 00:54 16 Jul 2004

The problem will be for the user,as when installing new software,you are usually ask to disable anti-virus protection,thats when this new worm becomes active

  jakimo 22:45 16 Jul 2004


  CurlyWhirly 01:19 17 Jul 2004


When installing software so you can SAFELY disable anti-virus just disconnect the modem.
No modem means no internet connection and therefore no worm threat.

  end 10:00 17 Jul 2004

would tend to disagree with your comment at 0119 above; my view?? any software is capable of carrying or harbouring a virus, and needs scanning with antivirus programme before getting installed ;

and th comments on the original link I feel are too "lax". ones guard should never be let down, and complacency over viruses and their spread is a portal for mass infection....

and THIS "little delight" would seem to just be waiting to launch out when guards ARE down ......I am "free" at present and so far always HAVE been , and intend remaining so.....SO..keep THAT horrid thing away from ME!!!!!!! ( I have enough of my own bugs to deal with at work without invaders on computers as well!!!)

  jakimo 11:11 17 Jul 2004

Cant quite see your point,disconnecting the modem before installing software will make no difference if the sleeping worm is already on the hd,and will not activate until the anti virus is disabled

  Dorsai 11:23 17 Jul 2004

They don't really know what the worm does tho do they. Some spam, and kill other malware.

I posted to a thread on malware, and suggested that perhaps a partial solution to the problem of viruses et AL would be for someone to write a virus (worm/Trojan/whatever) that's sole purpose in life would be to seek out and destroy other threats.

Would you mind having a virus on your PC if all it did was 'eat' other viruses?

Perhaps i have just invented a new type of computer program the 'Symbiot'. A program that infects your computer, and insures it's own survival by helping you.

  jakimo 11:41 17 Jul 2004

Your suggestion would be great,but bad for the av industry,so would they want to introduce such a virus?

  Dorsai 11:48 17 Jul 2004

But the virus's are not written by the AV industry (I assume, unless they write them so we buy the AV progs) which means there any loads of bods out there who can write this sort of stuff, and persumably are doing it without getting paid. they do it just because they can.

Any way, look at Spybot search and destroy. It's free, and it is living on my PC, and if anyone asked me, i would quite happily reccomend they infect their PC with it too. Ad-aware ditto. But these symbiots got on my PC coz i invited them in. How long before someone writes a free Av program that infects PC's without the invite. It would not matter too much, as they were nice-ware, not mal-ware.

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