Is this a Worm or Virus?

  jimforrest 00:53 04 Dec 2011

I buy a fair amount of stuff online and I have received an email, purportedly from The Royal Mail, saying that a parcel wasn't delivered because my address is on a stop list! It then says all details are on the attachment - a .zip file. Now I don't think I'm on any stop list so that made me wary. I scanned the file with AVG and AdAware and it seems ok. I looked at the contents in Winzip and it contains 7 txt files - all blank, and the following files - sempl.jnt - doc.booc.xlsx - package.information.exe. These look highly suspicious to me so I haven't opened them. Does anyone have an opinion? If they are suspicious is there any way I can find the address that sent the mail (in Outlook Express)? At the moment it just shows Royal Mail with no full email address.

  rdave13 01:02 04 Dec 2011

At any time you're suspicious of an email never open it. If you open it then never open a file (attachment) within it. I'm not familiar with Outlook but you should be able to see the 'header' of the email to see where it originated from. Run your security programs on full scan.

reading headers in Outlook This might help.

  BRYNIT 01:43 04 Dec 2011

Delete it. I would be surprised if the Royal Mail would have your email address. If they needed to contact you for any reason they would have done it via snail mail.

Any unsolicited emails with attachments or links should be treated in the same way.

Always log onto an account via the main web page and not through a link supplied on an email.

  compumac 09:00 04 Dec 2011

A scam either way

  Nontek 09:42 04 Dec 2011

Not a virus, but definitely a scam. Delete!

  lotvic 09:53 04 Dec 2011

Here is Royal Mail page where you can report it.

  VCR97 18:33 04 Dec 2011

For future reference: To check the sender in OE, right click the message in the message list, click Properties, click Details, Click Message Source.

  shell20110309 08:49 05 Dec 2011

i do not think it is a virus, just to delete it!

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