a worm maybe??

  dlguk 20:03 05 Sep 2005

yesterday I tried to bootup (the machine btw is a Dell 3Gig HT, 1Meg DDR). On the welcome screen it seemed to hang for a long time, then the wallpaper appeared with no icons. As the pc seemed to very quite i panicked a bit and switched off. I booted into safe mode to look for anything I should be wary of. I reacon it is taking about 5-10 mins to boot up and as i type this on another pc it is still trying to connect to it. I have no internet access on it.
Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:09 05 Sep 2005

Anything installed recently?

Try click here
scannow sfc - LEARN how to use SFC.EXE (system file checker) in this article!

  dlguk 20:49 05 Sep 2005

yes i was fool enough to install warez P2P on Friday, got rid of it now.

  VoG II 21:12 05 Sep 2005

I don't understand this. In the first post you said no internet access. In your reply you said installed P2P.

Or do you mean you can no longer access the internet? If so System Restore and if that doesn't solve it click here

  Skills 22:59 05 Sep 2005

So you installed a p2p client on the pc and then the problems started I'd put my money on a virus infection of some sort.

  dlguk 10:34 16 Nov 2005

I have recently reformatted my hard drive and of course reinstalled all the necessary. When I go into User Accounts there is my own, guest an ASP.NET.Machine A…, 'Limited account Password Protected'.
I deleted it the last time I reinstalled XP Pro, any ideas?
Thank you in advance

PS to VOG if you are looking in, apologies for not thanking you for yours help with my last problem back in Sept. it's a long story.

  gudgulf 11:16 16 Nov 2005

click here will tell you all about the ASP.NET user account

It's not malicious,it is from Microsoft and installs with the .NET Windows updates and is part of the asp.net developer program.

If that means absolutelt nothing to you then you can safelt deleye the ASP.NET account (I have).

  gudgulf 11:19 16 Nov 2005

Last sentence should read

"If that means absolutely nothing to you then you can safely delete the ASP.NET account (I have)."


  dlguk 12:16 16 Nov 2005

Thank you all

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