Worm casts?

  [DELETED] 14:40 20 Dec 2003

I'm not at all sure why, but after an attack by a very persistent Blaster worm (as a result of which I reformatted my Hard Drive) my System Drive now calls itself E, the internal Zip is C the DVD/CD-RW is D and there is a phantom CD Drive which calls itself G!! Could this be the effects of the worm or is it something else? How can I get back to normal? Any help appreciated!!

  [DELETED] 14:41 20 Dec 2003

Which version Windows?

  [DELETED] 15:03 20 Dec 2003

xp pro

  [DELETED] 17:11 20 Dec 2003

click here may help you.

  [DELETED] 17:17 20 Dec 2003

Thanks VoG. I'll try it.

  [DELETED] 12:26 30 Dec 2003

Back from Xmas Hols!!with name change!! Hope you all had a good one. XP does not allow drive letter change on system drive so am still mystified. Any ideas?

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