Worldbench 4 figures. Meaningfu reviews?

  Cas141 13:40 08 Jan 2004

I have been looking at the reviews of the Top ten Power PC reviews, and I'm not so sure they are very helpful.
Compare # 4 and #9. Forget for a moment the cost- that does not come into the worldbench 4 score does it?
So 9 is only 3% faster than 4, is it?, yet it has the fastest processor by far from AMD; four times as much RAM and a 9800 Pro compared to the low rated SE. Anyone who reads about power and gaming is often advised re the folly of buying a SE suffixed Radeon.
Yet all that difference specs wise produces 3%?
(Or is it just the processor?- See #3 !!)
It seems to me that either the measuring tool is wrong ,or the experts in gaming are seeing vast improvements that aren't there!
What doesn't seem to me to be there is consistency

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