Workstation for 3D animation/ modeling and render

  Marcin Morawski 18:53 25 Apr 2017

Im am looking to buy computer for working in Maya software / Blender and AAE..for render i going to use GPU instead of PCU.

Budget is around 3000£ - 3200£.

OC - yes i will do OC RAM - min 64 GB I got ext. storage HDD Monitors 2x ASUS

  boyo123boyo 21:57 27 Apr 2017

If you're looking for a decent bit of kit and are in the UK, I'd highly recommend using PC Specialist. Their products are built to a great standard and their support is unbelievably amazing.

I've bought 3 computers from them and have never been let down. In the rare case (only once), that I had a problem with my PC they had it picked up, fixed and then returned within 4 days. No charge.

  wee eddie 23:10 27 Apr 2017

There are a small number of Specialist Manufacturers and apart from looking through their website I would suggest making contact with each of them and asking for their recommendations and a quote.

You may also find that there are a couple of local people who could put one together for you. The advantage there would be that they would be close by, should there be any problems

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