Works WP font size

  Trikie 15:47 10 Nov 2006

The smallest font size in my Works WP programme is 8. Is there any way to add smaller sizes?
Ideally I would like 4, using this to minimize space between paragraphs.

  Pesala 17:52 11 Nov 2006

I don't have Works, but in Wordpad you can enter a smaller font size in the drop list than the minimum, which is also 8 points.

The right way to space paragraphs is to use a paragraph style, and set the spacing below to whatever you want. If Works WP doesn't support paragraph styles, maybe you should be using something else like Word 2000, or Open Office.

  Trikie 21:55 01 Jan 2007

Thanks Pesala. Needing a smaller font now I've tried deleting the 8 from the box and typing in 6. As soon as I try to type it reverts to 8.

  Woolwell 22:21 01 Jan 2007

I think that you have hit on one of the limitations of Works. I have it installed on my computer because it came with it but I normally don't use it. It would seem that you cannot get below 8. I had the same results. Smaller than 8 is very difficult to read.
It would also seem that you can only adjust paragraph spacing by lines not pitch.

I would echo Pesala perhaps try a better word processor.

  Trikie 23:13 01 Jan 2007

Thanks Woolwell,

It's something I can live with I think.

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