Works and Word

  Trikie 00:14 19 Nov 2005

My PC was supplied with Works and as secretary of a club I have numerous files and databases on it. I run into problems when trying to e-mail documents as everyone else seems to have Word and cannot open Works documents.

I can e-mail some by converting them to rtf or doc but this isn't always satisfactory and doesn't work with databases.

I am thinking of buying Microsoft Office, but wonder about the accumulation of 3 years information in Word. Is there any way I can transfer it over?

  wiz-king 06:27 19 Nov 2005

'Open office' click here and have a read of the features. I haven't used the later versions of it so I don't know all it's capabilities but it gives you options to save your documents in various versions.
I have used a very old version of a Lotus program to do conversions from one format to another. If you leave this thread running I am sure someone will come up with the answer.

  €dstowe 07:16 19 Nov 2005

Certainly give Open Office a try. For what it costs (nothing) there is not much to lose and, potentially, a lot to gain.

I'm not sure that Works files will be readable, though.

  Forum Editor 07:58 19 Nov 2005

include Microsoft Word as standard, so you must have an older version? Assuming that to be the case your default document file format will be .wps, and even Microsoft Office can't open those files unless you download a free converter from Microsoft - as you've discovered. Microsoft do a converter pack for Office 2003, and that contains filters for all kinds of document formats, although I'm not sure if there's one for .wps files.

Works database files are saved as .wdb format, and this cannot be imported into Access - the MS Office database - without first being saved in Works as a dBASE IV file. Once you've done that you can import into MS Access and save as an Access file.

As you can see, a great deal depends on version numbers - both of Works and MS Office. Everything can be done, but you may find that you have a fair bit of work to do before you can get all your data files safely into Office 2003. Don't buy any other version of MS Office by the way.

Open Office will open documents created in all previous versions of Microsoft Word, and can of course save in Word format, but I don't think you can open .wps files - although I'm happy to be proved wrong. The Open Office 'BASE' database application will work happily with MS Access files, but again, I doubt that it will handle .wbd files.

  palinka 12:29 19 Nov 2005

Isn't it possible to buy just Word on its own - that's cheaper than the entire Office package which includes all sorts of stuff you may never use (Powerpoint,etc, etc). Do you have a "student" in your family? in which case you can buy these thengs as a student at considerably reduced cost. But, as FE says, there's no guarantee that it will solve your current problem. Though of course it will be the solution for the future.

  €dstowe 13:35 19 Nov 2005

No need to buy Word - on its own or in MS Office. Open Office will cover and is compatible with almost everything that Word does but, most important as said above, it's free.

  Trikie 16:23 19 Nov 2005

Thanks everyone. I've got Works 6.0 and it must be pre-2001 as my WP documents are all .wps and database .wbd. I'll give Open Office a try.

  keewaa 17:12 19 Nov 2005

"All versions of Works from 2001 onward include Microsoft Word as standard"

Sorry to disagree ... but Works SUITE contains word, ..... works (half the price of works suite) doesn't.

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