works versus word

  highside 23:25 04 Jul 2004

Please help I have problems when attaching files from my saved documents into email.
A file will transfer but it does not transfer correctly for instance sentences become split.
Is this because I have Works 2000 and Outlook Express is aligned to Word?
If so what is the easiest/cheapest way of obtaining Word?
And what is the latest version of Word?

Machine is Packard Bell 2.3 Ghz, 128 MB RAM, 40GB HD. WIN XP Outlook Express v6 and Broadband connection.

Thank you

  Pesala 23:33 04 Jul 2004

It is a big download, but it is free, and will open and save Word documents.

  Pesala 23:33 04 Jul 2004
  VoG II 23:34 04 Jul 2004

Word is Word in Works. Isn't it?

  hugh-265156 23:52 04 Jul 2004

yes works suite includes ms word.

not sure what you mean here exactly sorry. are you using cut and paste to take text from a word doc and paste it into an email or are you sending the whole doc as an attachment?

  highside 12:58 06 Jul 2004

thanks for replies, guess I am not very clear.
I only have the Works 7 disc that came with my machine. Is this word processor the same as WORD? Or is there a Works Suite which contains word as a seperate program?
Two problems I have
1) The spell check does not work in Outlook Express, I understood that this is so because Outlook Express is tied to WORD?
2)I am trying to transfer a letter written in WORKS word processor into the body of an e mail but when it transfers sentences and paragraphs become seperated onto different lines etc.
I can transfer attachments into the attachment box of e mail but similar problems occur?
thanks for looking.

  Simsy 13:26 06 Jul 2004

"Or is there a Works Suite which contains word as a seperate program?"

The answer to this question is "Yes"...

WorksSuite contains; Works,Word and some other applications, (I think Autoroute, Money and Encarta).

If you just have "Works" you don't get "Word" with it, though it does include a word processor.

It may be that you can save the document, using the Works word Processor, in .rtf format. This may alleviate the problems you are having?



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