Works Suite 2002 Word Processor

  MIke 16:27 17 Dec 2003

In the thread below there is some discussion re Works Suite having both Word and Works own Word Processors.

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Can anyone tell me if the Works Word Processor referred to by Wee Eddie and the MS Works site was included with Works Suite 2002? The reason I ask is I can find no way of launching anything other than Word 2002 from within Works Suite 2002. I've even checked all the MS Office and Works Suite folders on my PC for an executable, and still I can only launch Word 2002. Not a problem for me really but it might help solve the thread originator's problem.

Ta Mike

  MIke 17:09 17 Dec 2003

Thanks for the reply I thought I was going daft,btw further in Radiofan's thread he posted that he uses the Adress Book in Works 2002 which is why I assumed he is using Works Suite 2002, as I believe Works is just version numbered i.e 6 etc.


  MIke 17:39 17 Dec 2003

This is where the confusion springs from

MS own site at click here says

* Microsoft Word 2002 is the default word processor in Microsoft Works Suite 2004. Works Suite includes the Works 7.0 word processor; however, predefined word processing templates and wizards (such as letter and reports) in the Task Launcher will use Word 2002.

Implying Works Suite has two wps.

Anyway best not lose sleep over it eh?


  MIke 23:27 17 Dec 2003

Odd isn't it?

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