Works great in IE, but not FF or Netscape....

  mikeyewz 23:12 19 Jul 2007

This is part of a website I am working on......
click here

It works great in IE, but does not work in Firefox or Netscape. Any idea what I need to do to rectify the problem?
Thanks in advance, Mike.

  RicScott 19:39 23 Jul 2007

Remove the absolutes from your CSS then try it.

  mikeyewz 21:55 23 Jul 2007

Hi, Thanks very much for your suggestion, but I am afraid it did not make any difference.

  Eric10 21:58 23 Jul 2007

I'm not a Javascript expert so this is the result of trial and error. I've found that if you change your javascript to:

with (document)
write("<STYLE TYPE='text/css'>");
write(".HiliteOff {display:none}");
write(".HiliteOn {display:block}");
write("H3.blurb {font-family: trebuchet ms,sans-serif; color:#515151;}");

then it works in IE6, IE7, Firefox and Opera.

  mikeyewz 01:56 25 Jul 2007

Thanks, but still not working.

  mikeyewz 02:03 25 Jul 2007

Forget my last does actually work now in all 4 browsers!! Thanks very much Eric10!
Regards, Mike.

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