Works Database: Copying to CD

  Malcos 19:59 30 Nov 2005

I have created a Works Database which I have backed up on a CD.
Recently, having updated the Database, I tried to copy it to the CD using SAVE AS and received the following message:-
"You do not have permission to save in this directory. See the administrator to obtain permission. Would you like to save in the MY Document folder instead?"
Who is this mysterious administrator ? I'm the only one who has ever operated this computer.
What have I done wrong and how do I rectify it please ?

  csqwared 20:25 30 Nov 2005

You will probably find if you right click the file and then click "Properties" in the window that opens it will be marked "read only". If you uncheck the "Read Only" property you should be able to save it.


  csqwared 20:27 30 Nov 2005

I've assumed that you have copied the file from your CD, amended it and now trying to save it back whilst preserving the original. When saving files to CD the "Read Only" property is set by default.


  Malcos 20:19 02 Dec 2005

Thank you csqwared, I expect his will solve my problem. A user of floppies for many years I am new to saving to CDs................

  Skills 00:46 03 Dec 2005

Are you trying to save straight to the cd from in works?

I dont think that will work you'll need to save the file to your my documents folder and then open up whatever burning program you are using and make a data disk and add those files to it. Or if you are using windows XP built in cd burning right click on the file and choose send to and then you're cd burner.

  Malcos 18:59 05 Dec 2005

Thank you, Skills. csqwared is correct when saying that when saving files to CD the 'Read Only' property is set by default but unchecking it does not allow copying the updated file using Save As.
I have previously used your route, Skills, in XP by saving the updated file and overwriting it onto the previous file on CD using Send To. This does work. Thank you for confirming the method.

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