[email protected]

  Bearsy 10:26 16 Jul 2004

This is further information on a previous query. I now have the offending computer in front of me.
We have received a message from the above. When we opened it it read "Please read the document". The attached file was called "document_all.txt.exe". Unfortunately the recipient tried to open this "document" and since then the computer is desperately slow and the Norton Antivirus appears to be corrupted.
Surely this must be a virus? Can we not trust MSN?

  Smegs 10:31 16 Jul 2004

How do you know it's come from MSN?? All because it says MSN, that doesn't mean it has!!

  Smegs 10:32 16 Jul 2004

Format it.

  Bearsy 10:34 16 Jul 2004

Format what,please

  Smegs 00:35 17 Jul 2004

Bearsy, format the hard drive or take it to a restore point.

  Dan the Confused 00:55 17 Jul 2004
  pc moron 00:59 17 Jul 2004

I'd take Smegs's advice- considering the file extension is suspect and Norton AV won't work.

The only thing I can find on [email protected] is at click here

The link is safe, scroll down for an e-mail address that's identical to the one in your header- near the bottom.

It seems to be an active e-mail address!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:20 17 Jul 2004

Trend Online Check click here
see what virus this comes up with and post back

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