Working remotely from home

  Daisygg 12:15 06 Jan 2015

I have had the idea of working as a freelance accountant, working from home remotely for accountancy firms. I haven't got any experience of working remotely, so I was wondering if anyone had a any advice on this. What software is good and how easy it is to setup? I just want to know a bit more about it before I start approaching potential clients.

Many thanks

  Jollyjohn 13:04 06 Jan 2015

Teamviewer is free, for personal use, remote control software and allows you to connect to a remote computer from home. Both computers need Teamviewer installed and set up.
There are different connection options - always connected, connected when windows boots or initiated by client. I use Teamviewer to help fix minor issues for friends and family.

LogMeIn, was free, but is now a paid for only option, I found it slightly easier to use than Teamviewer and each remote computer was listed, making it easier to connect to a specific computer.

I think your main issue will be persuading your clients to allow remote control software to be installed on their computers, think carefully how you present this option.

Hope this helps.

  calv0492 04:42 10 Jan 2015

You can browse this website - it has very good recommendations about remote desktop software click here Good Luck!

  Ian in Northampton 08:35 10 Jan 2015

I used to have a lot of success with GoToMyPC - until the company I worked for banned it (for no good reason other than that it wasn't explicitly approved). It might help if you told us exactly what you were looking to do in terms of remote access.

  LastChip 11:51 10 Jan 2015

It depends on what you mean by working remotely.

If it's as previous contributors assume, you want to be able to log in to client machines, then you've already had a few good options put forward. But remember, the free versions are for private use. Your use would be commercial and need the appropriate licence. The other "problem" with this software, is it always needs someone at the client end to accept your connection.

Or maybe, you want to be able to log-in to clients accounts on their servers. Good luck on that one! Very few people (if any) are going to give you access to their servers unless they know you personally and very well.

Many small business now use the Sage platform in this country, so that would probably be a little easier to gain access to. But the proviso of the client knowing and trusting you does not disappear.

However, if you mean you simply want to work from home (as opposed to going to a clients premises), then you need to think about how your clients accounts are likely to be stored. In particular, transmission of data (under normal circumstances) is not secure and that may mean setting up encrypted tunnels through which to work.

It maybe if you gain a client that wants you to work for them, they'll set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for you. That would be the easiest option.

If you're storing any sort of client data, you'll fall under the umbrella of the Data Protection Act and will have to register.

And of course, if you haven't already got it, you'd be crazy to work without professional indemnity insurance as a minimum.

A few bits to think about for starters, but there's loads more to working from home. Not least, your home becomes part business and the ramifications with the Inland Revenue. But I guess you'll know all about that.

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