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  Guady 17:27 31 Jan 2010

I have scanned into my PC a load of old 35mm slides and they are fine to look at on screen, but I wonder if anyone can advise on how to improve the quality (without re-scanning!!!) if I want to print any. As well as improving the quality I would like to remove the background and generally "tidy up" the final result. However, I don't have much in the way of programs to work with. I have MS Paint and PhotoEditor. Also PhotoImpression from ArcSoft and MGI PhotoSuite. Otherwise perhaps there's something else I could download. Hope someone can help.

  Diemmess 17:36 31 Jan 2010

Irfanview (a free download) is often mentioned in this forum.

Picasa is free and cheerful but not so many facilities.

Once you start into dedicated top-end programs Corel Photopaint or Adobe Photoshop you need a deep pocket and a readiness to cope with an almost vertical learning curve.
It can be achieved but it is almost a way of life.

  BT 17:44 31 Jan 2010

Is very good too - and Free!
click here

  woodchip 17:46 31 Jan 2010

This Site can help if you register click here

  southhead 17:49 31 Jan 2010

Gimp click here is another free download. Lots of tutorials available.

  LastChip 18:02 31 Jan 2010

Open source and free, the GIMP is a replacement for Photoshop. Be aware though, you'll need to dedicate a little time to learn to start using it. But it is an incredibly powerful application.

It has reasonable documentation and there is a whole host of tutorials on the Internet.

click here for a couple of examples of work produced in this application. It is however suited to manipulating all images, including photographs and slides.

Whenever you manipulate an image, make a copy and leave the original intact, then if you screw up badly, you still have the original to fall back on; make a new copy and start again.

  eedcam 18:28 31 Jan 2010

Hope you scanned them in at a very high res initially

  Peter 22:19 31 Jan 2010


As eedcam mentions, have you scanned your slides at a high enough resolution. If you have not scanned them at at least 1800, preferably 2700 dpi, you may have trouble getting good enough quality to print them unless you only want to print postcard size and then without any cropping.

Sorry if this is being a little pessimistic, but I wouldn't want you to waste too much time on scans that would be too low resolution to print properly.


  Guady 08:41 01 Feb 2010

Thanks for all the suggestions - will have a look and try them out. Can't remember what resolution I used! At the time I just wanted to get the pics on to my PC so they didn't deteriorate.

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