Is Working Memory the same as RAM

  weschris 16:37 06 Mar 2004

I am trying to install An Epson Status Monitor but keep getting the error message "Setup can not allocate working memory. Close all applications, exit windows and try again". Being new to computing can anyone help me.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:43 06 Mar 2004

Try restarting windows and turn off any unnecessary programs.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:43 06 Mar 2004

And what is the operating system?

  weschris 16:49 06 Mar 2004

Windows XP I have tried shutting down unnecessary programmes still no luck

  woodchip 16:53 06 Mar 2004

You can stop Programs that start when you switch the computer on, by going to the Run Box and type MSCONFIG in the startup folder things that start when you switch on have a tick in the box nearly all these can be switched of, and started as needed just by going to the program's list they all need memory and resources when they are running and sap the energy from you system

  weschris 16:59 06 Mar 2004

Could you tell me which ones not to switch off?

  woodchip 17:01 06 Mar 2004

Need a list

  woodchip 17:07 06 Mar 2004

Check click here

  weschris 17:08 06 Mar 2004

Direct CD
backweb 4448364
MMKey bd

  woodchip 17:13 06 Mar 2004

Leave the tickes in these to start with and remove the others, you can retick if you need them.

Leave Systemtray, Navapw32

  hugh-265156 17:13 06 Mar 2004

i take it you are in the process of installing an epson printer.

if you are using the driver cdrom that came with the printer dont would be my advice.i had loads of problems with my c42 driver cdrom and xp home.

click here and get the latest driver and status monitor.

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