Working fine up until today...(vista)

  Ronyap 21:19 09 Dec 2007


I have connected my XP Laptop and Vista Desktop together in a network wirelessly.

I used to be able to access files and folders both ways with no problems. Today problems have occured.

Basically, when I try to access files on my Vista Desktop from the Laptop, I get a usually Networking error:

click here

However, this only happens to the user account folders. Those who have Vista will know that there is also a folder named: 'Public'. This folder is strange. I CAN access it from my Laptop, but the others which are my Document my bros and my parents are blocked.

Here is another pic showing what I mean:

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The STRANGE thing is that I can access XP file from Vista Desktop freely.

I'm saying that this is the first time it has happened, meaning it cant be any setting up, installation error. Also, I doubt it can be my firewall since 'Public' is not blocked and Vista can access XP so...WHAT IS the PROBLEM????!!

Thanks. Help Appreciated

  Ashrich 18:53 10 Dec 2007

Is Vista not asking for a user name and password to access the network ? File sharing is controlled by the firewall , public folder sharing isn't , have another look at the firewall , also make sure of your settings in Network and Sharing Centre .


  Ronyap 11:01 12 Dec 2007

Hi Ashley,

You know that little Username and Password box, I used to have it, but now it doesnt even pop up. It just gives me the error message.

Also I have disabled my Firewall on my XP Laptop. Unless its something to do with the Vista Computer...

  Ronyap 14:52 12 Dec 2007

Thanks for the help.

I have figured out the solution.

For any one who wants to know, all you have to do is go to 'properties' of the folder and then go to the security tab. Under 'group or usernames' there should be a name saying 'Everyone'. I didnt have this that is why it didnt work. All you have to do is add this everyone and put 'Full control' and then it will work.

Thanks again

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