Working with audio in WMM

  WhiteTruckMan 09:33 15 Oct 2006

Brother in law has given me a holiday film movie cd taken on a camcorder and asked me to see if I can sort out the audio on it. Briefly, there are hundreds of short clips on it but the audio track is about 16 seconds out of synch. its lagging behind. well I've never tinkered about with this sort of thing before so I'm in new territory, but I've currently got it on windows movie maker-being the only software I have for this sort of thing-and can clearly see in the audio part of the timelane a flat trace on the sound at the stat of the movie collection. then at the end the audio carried on while there is a blank screen for video. Does anyone know how I can either cut the first part of the audio out and move things down, or how to detatch the soundtrack, clip it, then put it back?



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