work/home access

  2020 21:54 12 Dec 2003

hi have just aquired a laptop from work which gives me access to internet, however IT guy said i cannot connect to internet at home. please advise if i can? laptop is w2000 professional home is Wxp.
thanks m

  Daveboy 22:19 12 Dec 2003

Is the l/top set up to access the internet via your LAN at work or does it merely use a dial up service ? Former no good at home (unless you VPN to works system) If latter it should work. They probably don't want you using the net unless protected by their systems so you don't inadvertently introduce viruses etc, quite the norm for businesses.

  smegs 23:01 12 Dec 2003

2020, my wife has a L/top from work, she can not use the net from home has she has to log on into works server.

  Sir Radfordin 00:39 13 Dec 2003

You really need to find out if they would be happy for you to connect - as Daveboy points out lots of companies don't allow it because of the risks that are involved.

If they've said you can't/shouldn't do it then its not right that forum memebers tell you how to go against this.

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