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  Zeltine 11:24 18 Sep 2003

OK, Hi I am in need of some gentle guidance.

A workgroup is basically a shared internet connection, with printer and file sharing capabilities. As opposed to a domain that is hosted by a server with all of the good stuff that comes with server software.

I am helping out on a project and the workgroup is sharing a broadband connection, on windows 2000 pro. Is there anyway to:
Create roaming profiles
Redirect users my documents to a central location.
Desktop Configuration

I think that basically I am trying to say can I configure a workgroup in the same way that I can, adjust a users login on a Windows Server.

Thanks for your time in advance

  mad_yin 18:36 18 Sep 2003

there is a way you can connect 2 or more pc,s in a house/home as i have . you can purtches a router with a modem in-it ie. my one is a asdl 4port router and on setting it up i found that making my work groop in network to NDIA all my pc,s can connect at the same time to the net. i have 3 connected ,you have a network connection so you can share printer and folders ase you need
i hope this helps you in any way ps there are plenty sites on the net that can exsplan it in detail abought routing good luck.

  Forum Editor 18:44 18 Sep 2003

as an entity, rather than a collection of individuals. You can grant permissions on a server to a workgroup, allowing all members to read and write to files, or simply to read them etc.

On a Windows server, anyone trying to access the shared resources will be challenged (in my office we call it the NT challenge) for a username and password. Without a correct login these people will not get in, and will not be able to access the group's resources.

That is a wild over-simplification, but am I on the right track - is that what you wanted to know?

  Zeltine 13:04 19 Sep 2003

That has clarified my confusion, on further investigation of the system I can alter local paths and directories on the user profile, I am just unsure as to how to initiate the roaming profile. But thanks for your time and help

  johnbhoy 13:12 19 Sep 2003

Zeltine - Try here for more info on Roaming profile creation.
click here

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