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  block 11:56 04 Aug 2003

Does anone know how to convert a LWP file to Word .
I have some old LWP files on floppy ( 97 I think) but I don't have Lotus sotware anymore. I run Office 2000 on Windows Me, but I do have a copy of Office 97. Is there any chance of converting LWP. Is ther an old copy of Smartsuite or Wordpro anywhere. I can't find any downloads for them.Please can anyone help?
Many thanks.

  Djohn 12:28 04 Aug 2003

If no one comes up with a better answer, I have the full program, "Word-Pro 97" from a PCA cover disk. Click on the envelope next to my name, drop me an e-mail with your address and i'll pop it in the post to you. Regards. j.

  Djohn 13:26 04 Aug 2003

It's in the post. j.

  Jim Suter 14:56 04 Aug 2003

I have a program (created by Microsoft) that I used to convert AmiPro (earlier version of WordPro) to Ms Word 2000. Not sure if it will work with WordPro. It's a 12MB file so if you want it give me your address and I'll send it to you on CD. Alternatively try the Microsoft site.

Jim Suter [email protected]

  DieSse 15:22 04 Aug 2003

When I did mine, some moons ago, I converted the WordPro files to Word Perfect, then let Word open the Word Perfect files, which it did quite happily.

If WordPro will output in rtf (rich text fromat) - then Word should also happily open those too.

  DieSse 15:23 04 Aug 2003

But ... Sorry - I see you no longer have Wordpro.

  Djohn 15:49 04 Aug 2003

He will have tomorrow, popped one in the post to him. j.

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