Wordpro Office Assistant Pest

  Hazlitt 20:16 12 Sep 2003

Does anyone using Microsoft Wordpro know how to get rid of the Office Assistant ? If you right click this nuisance, the options don't include a selection for hiding or deleting it.

  Bodi 20:26 12 Sep 2003

on my machine brings up "Hide", "Options", Choose Assistant", or Animate", but this is in Microsoft Word 2000.


  bakes43 20:48 12 Sep 2003

click the help button at the top then click hide assistant

  Legolas 21:13 12 Sep 2003
  Hazlitt 12:51 13 Sep 2003

OK. Thanks - followed your suggestion and got rid of Office Assistant - I hope.

  Hazlitt 12:53 13 Sep 2003

Thanks for the link. It's incredible that Microsoft have put in a useless feature that is deeply embedded and hard to get rid of.

  -pops- 12:59 13 Sep 2003

Strangely, some people like it and it was a subject of much debate before the issue of Office XP whether the Office Assistant (especially Mr Clippit) should present and whether he should be activated by default. So, he is there in XP but you do have to turn him on (so to speak).

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