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  sheila.weston 22:32 24 Dec 2007

Does anyone out there still use Lotus Wordpro?

I am having problems creating headers for a booklet which consists of different chapters.

I want the left hand header to have the name of the book and the right hand header to have the name of the section/chapter. I have read the help files and am having problems following them. (It is something to do with a Page Layout). Can some kind person talk me through this, please - it would be a lovely Christmas present!


  MCE2K5 23:17 24 Dec 2007

Is this click here the type of header you need?

  MCE2K5 23:51 24 Dec 2007

After Re-Reading your OP, This is what you want, click here.

It's been a while since I did DeskTop Publishing.

Right, Try this, I'm using Lotus IBM Symphony, But it should be the same.

Layout, Properties, Page Properties, The Page Layout Should be like this, click here, Page Layout "Right and Left",

Then Select Header Tab, Tick Header On, NO Tick in Same Content Left and Right, Like this, click here.

Enter "Title of Book" in the header of Page One.
Enter "section/chapter" in header of Page Two.
The outcome is, click here.

That's It. Merry Christmas.

  MCE2K5 00:01 25 Dec 2007

You will have to Save each Chapter seperately, to get "section/chapter" Different i.e
"Laying the Foundations" = Chapter 1.
"The Civilian Witnesses" = Chapter 8.
"The Pandora's Box" = Chapter 21.

That was the only way I think of off the Top of my head, At this time of. Good god it's Christmas Morning.

Merry Christmas to All who read this.


  MCE2K5 00:02 25 Dec 2007

Can you guess the name of the Book.

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