WordPerfect X5 Installation Error 1330

  investigator 17:58 23 Oct 2011

I’m trying to install WordPerfect Office X5 (Standard Boxed CD Edition) on my new computer running under Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit) but get the following error:

“Error 1330. A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file C:\Program Files\Corel\WordPerfect Office X5\Setup\WPO15\ENsystem.cab has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate that the file is corrupt. Error 24592 was returned by WinVerifyTrust”

I have tried copying the contents of the CD to my hard disk and running setup from there but with the same failure even when run as Administrator.

Any ideas as to the cause and solution would be most welcome! Thanks, Terry

  northumbria61 19:26 23 Oct 2011

Remove your disk from the disk drive and check it for defects/scratches. Make sure the disc is clean. Re-insert the Install CD and run the Installer again. If you still experience this error after cleaning the disc go into the Control Panel and select User Accounts. Select the Account Control (UAC) and turn it off. Restart your machine after making this change and then run the Installer again.

  northumbria61 19:28 23 Oct 2011

Or you may need to uninstall Windows Update KB978601 - See here enter link description here

  investigator 20:13 24 Oct 2011

Thanks for your quick response Northumbria61. The disc didn't really need cleaning but I did it anyway and also turned of UAC but neither made any difference. I knew about the Windows Update KB978601 but it's actually "old" now so integrated into the latest Win 7 discs and so I acn't uninstall it. I'm really stumped! I've tried a couple of dozen suggestions but all have failed so I'm now thinking about upgrading to the Professional version if Win 7 as I had no problems with this six months ago on a different PC ... or I might try reinstalling Windows.

  northumbria61 20:48 24 Oct 2011

Before you go reinstalling Windows have a try at this -

Open Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet Options - Advanced Tab scroll to the security options and you will see an option to 'allow software to download even if the signature is invalid' Check this box and click to apply changes. Restart internet explorer.

I know you are trying to install this from disk but still worth a try. Or try turning off your Anti Virus temporarily.

  woodchip 22:23 24 Oct 2011

Have you tried copying the CD to the desktop then run the Setup Files from the Copy in Safe Mode? the File it does not like is as not trusted File in other words its not been verified for Windows 7 You could also try E-Mailing Corel if its a Legitimate Box CD

  investigator 22:03 25 Oct 2011

The problem has been successfully solved by reinstalling Windows but I would just like to say thanks to everybody who posted possible solutions. All very much appreciated.

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