wordperfect and windows xp home

  terryp96 19:50 03 Jul 2003

A friend of mine has been running Windows 95 and Wordperfect 5.1(on floppies) with no problems. Recently he had a new computer given as a present which runs Windows XP home, we have been trying to install the Wordperfect but we can't get it to install and use the function keys.
Is it possible to use the 5.1 version of Wordperfect on Windows XP home and be able to use the function keys which are important to him as this is what he has always used?
Any help would be appreciated with advice on installing this programme or is there another way eg. I've seen Wordperfect disc's on sale on E-Bay but they appear to be floppies as well, would he be in same position if he bought some new discs?

  woodchip 19:54 03 Jul 2003

You will not get it to run it works in dos. click here

  -pops- 06:44 04 Jul 2003

Be careful about woodchip's click here. They are having financial difficulties (detailed in other threads).

  D-P-R 08:32 04 Jul 2003

wordperfect 2000 dont even work properly in xp without there service pack 4 which you have to send off for and even then it?s a bit temperamental . It is a shame really as I really liked it when I was using win me, but now I have to use Microsoft office. Don?t now if they sorted it out in wordperfect 2002 they may have done.

  terryp96 19:49 05 Jul 2003

Thanks Pops I nearly slipped up and sent for it.

  imarcus2 20:33 05 Jul 2003

Not much help to you, but I too have a problem with WP2002 and WXP Pro. The WP2002 worked fine on W98, but upgrading to WXP has, exasperatingly [good job there is no spell checker!], left me with a fully installed WP2002 which refuses to load when I want to run it. Error box complains of missing components, without being specific. But tackling WP2002 from Corel's QuattroP, it has suggested the problem is a missing wpwin.dll file. Not yet located where that might be.

Suspect WP2002 is hovering on the edge of incompatibility with WXP.

  woodchip 21:53 05 Jul 2003

Have you downloaded SP3 and loaded it.


Give them a ring there is a number on the site click here

  woodchip 22:18 05 Jul 2003

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