wordpad- Is it any good?

  gel 12:39 26 Jan 2005

When I use 'wordpad' (XPWINDOWS) it seems very simple to use ie much simplier than 'word'
But when I save it I either have to save it as rich text in which case in ends up as saved in 'word' format or in 'text' format which ends up the same as 'notepad' So I may as well have started with 'notepad.
Why can't I save as the simple 'wordpad' format that I began with? Is 'wordpad' any good OR have I got a fault.

  Stuartli 13:17 26 Jan 2005

WordPad is an excellent basic word processor and will do what most people require such a utility to achieve.

It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Word, but then just think how many people only use it as a basic word processor...:-)

  Jeffers22 13:46 26 Jan 2005

Agree 100% with Stuartli.

  Diemmess 14:34 26 Jan 2005

Wordpad is a halfway house. You do have a chance to change fonts and simple formats, so its appearance is more satisfying than Wordpad.

It is so quick and simple to use and RTF will cover all the "fancy" available in Wordpad, while plain text will admittedly lose all but the basic stuff though the screen looked more familiar while you were typing.

The plain text version is very important if editing text files which are part of the OS or some proceedure, it does rule out unreadable snags which could otherwise bug what you were trying to do.

  gel 14:37 26 Jan 2005

Thank you Stuartli & Jeffers22 for your comment & I would agree.But can I save the document in wordpad format and not word format(which seems very clumsy for more simple documents)

  gedr 15:38 26 Jan 2005

gel- try this
There is a replacement for Wordpad called Cetus WordPad which includes a spellcheck, go to Google and put in 'ms Wordpad' that will give all the info.


  gel 16:36 26 Jan 2005

Thank you for all your comments Plenty of food for thought ,taken them all on board.
'Cetus Wordpad' seems very good Thanks 'gedr'

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