Wordpad, Default Font

  Pesala 16:22 12 Dec 2004

Is there any way to change the default font when Wordpad opens a text document? It always defaults to Courier 10, which is a bit small. Notepad allows one to change the default font, but can one also do this in Wordpad?

  Gongoozler 16:34 12 Dec 2004

Acccording to this site "The defaults are not permanently changeable" click here - but I'm sure someone knows otherwise.

  Gongoozler 16:44 12 Dec 2004

This one is interesting click here. I followed the instructions and via Desktop - Properties - Appearance - Advanced, I changed the text colour for Windows, and the default text colour in Wordpad changed. There is no control for font or text size there though.

  Pesala 17:45 12 Dec 2004

I suspect that if there was a standard solution to this problem I would have come across it by now. Perhaps some PCA members know of a way to fix it via the registry. There must be a way that Wordpad knows it has to use Courier 10, so perhaps there is a way to tell it otherwise.

In my search for a solution, I came across Jarte, a free Wordpad replacement. click here I downloaded it to try it out. It has zoomable windows, and MDI, so could prove just the ticket.

  Pesala 18:23 12 Dec 2004

The free version of Jarte looks like it does all that I need, and a bit more. The interface is a bit of a shock to the system, but the program seems better designed than Cetus Wordpad click here which I tried before, but uninstalled as I never used it.

I can change the font for the whole document, and Jarte remembers my choice in the font dialogue, though I haven't yet found a way to change the default. Clicking ↕ scroll arrows changes the font size for the whole document. This is how the interface looks: click here

I use Wordpad a lot, as I don't have Word, and am too busy to learn to use Open Office. I'll bookmark this thread and post an update to see if I'm still using Jarte this time next week.

  Pesala 02:00 13 Dec 2004

I'm impressed. This freeware is just what I was looking for. A basic word-processor, with just a bit more convenience than Wordpad. I liked it so much I wrote a review: click here

  Wak 11:38 13 Dec 2004

Hi Pesala, If you are still interested in trying to adopt Wordpad then in the Registry go to
HK-Users/ Default/ Software/ Microsoft/ Windows/ Current version/ Applets/ Wordpad.
There are some entries you could try to alter there in you wish but I'm not sure to what they refer.
The above is for Win 98SE but other systems should be similar.

  Wak 11:44 13 Dec 2004

Incidentally, I can alter the default font in Wordpad by going to FORMAT/ FONT but, as you originally said, it will not change the default font size.

  Pesala 12:16 13 Dec 2004

Thanks for the interest. I had a look at the registry key, but there is nothing there that one cannot set from options. The default font for text documents is Courier 10 point, and Times New Roman, 10 point for RTF or DOC files.

I found everything I need and more in Jarte. The default font for Text and Rich Text documents can be set independently, favourite fonts, files, and folders are remembered, and the default zoom can be changed.

Spell check, word count, wordweb thesaurus, multiple clipboard items, and fully justified text make this a huge improvement on Wordpad, which is already excellent. Don't be put off by the non-standard interface. This program is simple to learn and to use.

  Belatucadrus 13:12 13 Dec 2004

Another word pad alternative worthy of a look is Crypt edit click here . package has a nice modular approach with the ability to work bare bones or add plug ins and dictionaries if you want.

  pj123 13:20 13 Dec 2004

I have just tried Wordpad on my PC (win 98SE) and I get the same dropdown menu's as if I was using Word.

I can change the font (which on mine opens as Times New Roman, size 10)

Wordpad is listed in my Windows folder as "write"

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