Word97 sticks on splash screen

  xuroys 22:43 28 Feb 2006

I am running Win98SE and recently Word97 has been taking longer and longer to load. Now it will not load at all but sticks on the splash screen. I can eventually get rid of the splash screen but by then my system is dangerously low on memory resources and I almost always have to reboot. What's up doc ?

  xuroys 23:12 28 Feb 2006

Nope, renaming normal.dot didn't do the job. By the way, I already deleted and re-installed Word97 and re-installed Win98SE and the blasted thing is still not working !!!

  Simsy 06:54 01 Mar 2006

deleting all temp files as well...

It might be that when it tried to load previously a temp file was created by a corrupt normal.dot Although you have now got rid of normal.dot, and reinstalled, perhaps there is a temp file that still exists that is causing a problem.

I'm assuming that you reinstalled win98 "over the top", rather than doing a reformat as well?



  xuroys 10:26 01 Mar 2006

I tried your suggestion but still the program stuck on the splash screen and by the time I had got rid of it there wasn't enough memory left to launch Outlook Express !!
Yes, I did re-install Win98SE over the top of the existing program as I am missing too many files to make formatting an option unless in the end it becomes the ONLY option. I can work around this problem if I have to but would prefer to resolve it.

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