Word XP loads slowly

  Chasg 06:29 08 Mar 2009

After a possible accidental save, Word takes up to 10 minutes to load. Another 5 or so to open a Word file.
I am running Office XP Pro on Vista Home Basic.
I have scanned the computer - in Safe Mode - with anti-virus and three anti-spyware programs, with no results. With Office both installed, and uninstalled.
I have done three fresh install, scanning first, then defragging, then cleaning the registry before reinstalling Office. Nothing helped.
A search of Microsoft's Knowledge Base gave a possible answer: delete the normal.dot file , and some Registry entries. This did not help either.

When closing Word, it opens a small window saying that a "change has been made to the global template normal.dot. Do you want to save the change?"
If I click "No" I can reopen Word quickly (but not files).
If I click "Yes" Word starts taking 10 minutes to load again.
Go to the right file, delete normal.dot file, and Word will open quickly, but changes such as margin settings won't stay registered.

Has anyone else run into this, or can anyone offer some much needed assistance?

Thank you in advance!

  Diemmess 09:33 08 Mar 2009

I think your normal.dot (template) has become corrupt.
Normal.dot is so much more than a template and seems to control from 'open' onwards.

In earlier versions it was easy to find this file in MS Word folder.
The principle is still the same, find it, delete it or rename it, and next time Word opens it will make a brand new Normal.dot.The only difference will be a default version which undoes any personal changes you may have made in th past

I have Office XP, but use it with XP Pro. It may be different in Vista.

If you follow this path in My Computer you might find it!
C:\Documents and settings\"Chasg"\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\

  Diemmess 09:36 08 Mar 2009

You will need to set "View Hidden and System files" before you go looking.

  Chasg 02:38 09 Mar 2009

Thank you Diemness.

I've done all that already, unfortunately. But that is the general advice that's given. I also have two copies running on XP Pro with no trouble.

In vista, normal.dot is found at: 'username'\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\templates and\or 'username'\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\Startup. Startup should be empty.

Are there any other ideas out there?

I have also gone through the following:

There are also 4 Registry keys that need to be deleted - for a thorough job:
1) HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\office\10.0 Delete the entire 10.0 entry.
2) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\word\10.0 Delete the entire 10.0 entry.
3) HKEY_USERS\ check all the entries for Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0 Delete the entire 10.0 entry.
4) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\office\10.0 Delete the entire 10.0 entry.

If you have multiple versions of Office installed, leave the other entries alone. i.e Office 2007 is '12.0'.

That thoroughly cleans the system for a complete re-install. But neither all of that with either a Repair, or uninstall & fresh install, worked.

Any newly saved normal.dot will slow the opening in a drastic manner again.

  Chasg 03:33 31 Mar 2009

If anyone else reads this post, try one of the following:
1) Remove Norton Anti-Virus Office|Word plug-in.
2) Better yet, remove all Of Norton's security software, and use something else.
3) If you are using a different anti-virus, see if it uses an Office or Word plug-in, and disable it.
Reboot and Word (and Office if other parts were affected) should work as new.

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