word wont work

  toniclady 17:39 09 Dec 2013

hi I have had my pc for about 6 months when I got I put Microsoft office xp pro on and haven't had any problems until now....I use word mainly for work stuff but now it says windows cannot find c;\program files(86)Microsoft office\office10\WINWORD.EXE ......I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still it doesn't work, I even took it out the registry....any help much appreciated thanks

  compumac 17:49 09 Dec 2013

"I even took it out the registry"

How did you do that and why?

  toniclady 17:52 09 Dec 2013

I went through regedit to fully remove all contents before I reinstalled it

  lotvic 18:26 09 Dec 2013

Stick the Office CD in and choose Repair.

  toniclady 18:40 09 Dec 2013

I have done that and it said it has repaired but when I go to up word up its still saying the same

  lotvic 18:52 09 Dec 2013

In Windows Explorer navigate to C:\program files(86)Microsoft office\office10\ and look in the righthand pane to see if WINWORD.EXE is there.

Also Can you tell us which op sys you are using and if it is 32bit or 64bit.

  toniclady 19:46 09 Dec 2013

WINWORD is there but not WINWORD.EXE .....and im running windows 7 64 bit

  wee eddie 21:51 09 Dec 2013

My guess: Although you loaded M$ Office XP Pro, you have actually been using a Trial Version of M$ Office 10 and the Trial has run out

  lotvic 21:54 09 Dec 2013

To show file name extensions in Windows Explorer, follow these steps: For Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008

Start Windows Explorer, you can do this by opening up any folder.

Click Organize.

Click Folder and search options.

Click the View tab.

Scroll down until you notice Hide extensions for known file types, un-check this line by clicking the check box. (Note: To hide file name extensions, check this line).

Click OK

  toniclady 22:00 09 Dec 2013

I have had this disc years...it has a verification code with it, and it works on my sons pc and my partners pc as well, so its not a trial disc

  Woolwell 22:15 09 Dec 2013

wee eddie - Office 10 in program files = Office XP. Office 14 in program files should be Office 2010.

I'm concerned by the regedit. It should have been unnecessary and may well be the cause of your problem.

I'd be tempted to do a system restore to before you could not open Word.

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