Word won't load

  RogerB 17:36 09 Oct 2003

Every now and again Word won't load. I get the initial Word screen, and then it just disappears. It's the same from the shortcut and by double clicking winword.exe in Explorer. In the past, I've eventually been able to recover by copying Winword wholesale from my D drive, or by reloading from disc, but nothing seems to work today. I've always suspected, for no good reason, a conflict with Outlook Express, but I may be wrong. I note that today a file (SGLCH16.USR) in Windows/System was accesed this morning at about the time it went down - could this be significant? I don't know how to extract it from the Windows CD.

I have Windows 98 and it's Word 6.

Grateful for any help - I've wasted most of today trying to fix things!

  VoG II 18:23 09 Oct 2003

It is possible that the default document template is corrupt.

Do a search for NORMAL.DOT and rename all instances of it to ABNORMAL.DOT

Then try starting Word.

  JIM 19:07 09 Oct 2003



installed during Sage's installation to a source folder. Ring a bell at all.

  Rtus 19:29 09 Oct 2003

are you Psychic or can you see his screen ?

  JIM 19:37 09 Oct 2003

Just searched all win98 zip files for win98 install,there is a sage.dll,may have missed the SGLCH16.USR. :)

  RogerB 14:20 10 Oct 2003

Thanks to all for the responses! If the USR file is from Sage, then that explains why it was accessed, but I don't think it will be that that's causing the problem - unless anyone has other ideas.

I've tried the Abnomal.dot trick, but it doesn't solve the problem, but thanks for the suggestion.

Someone some time ago (was it Andy?) gave me a sequence for finding system files which had been altered, which fixed the problem I had at the time, but stupidly I didn't keep a copy. Would it be the answer here? Grateful for any more ideas. RogerB

  skeletal 16:12 10 Oct 2003

I think Word clashes with everything!!! (The problems I've had blah blah blah).

Anyway, there are a few other things that happen in Word on startup, but stupid me can't remember them all other than the normal.dot file VoG suggests and:

Fonts: have you played with/removed any that Word wants?
Macros: are there any that run automatically on start up (not sure what you can do with Word 6...I'm into Word 2000)
Other templates: particlularly if they are being loaded in place of normal.dot (via a macro)
Clashing drivers etc: try loading up Word when Windows is in safe mode

You could try a re-install, but even this may not work as loads of stuff is left behind when you, so-called, uninstall.

Can you make it work by double-clicking on an exisitng file? If this file is based on another template?

Good luck!


PS this reminds me, must explain how I solved one of my Word problems I posted ages ago!

  Rtus 16:30 10 Oct 2003

If you put the word (office Cd) Cd in does it not offer a repair option ?

  RogerB 21:02 13 Oct 2003

Thanks to Skeletal and Rtus!

Tried Safe Mode - still no go.

Regret that I have Word as part of Office on floppies (25 of them!) and there seems to be limited scope for repair. It's all or nothing.
I still suspect a corrupted System file. Any other suggestions? Please!!


  Rtus 23:15 13 Oct 2003

this may seem a little over the top.. But if you have space create a folder on you drive copy all floppies to it then try repair from there It might work ..Mind you it should from the 1st disk of the floppies if its not a copied version ,I must admit Ive never come across it on floppy..Im used to the Cd versions..Sorry if the copy to folder doesnt work...

  RogerB 20:11 26 Oct 2003

Many thanks for all the suggestions.

I finally gave up and did a complete reload (three times!) of MS Office and I've got Word back again after hours of transferring files around the drives.

Hate computers.

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