A word of warning for selling/buying on ebay!!!

  pcgal 00:12 24 Dec 2003

My account with ebay was hacked last week....The hacker hijacked my account for my good feed back rating and tried selling bogus goods under my name.
Apparently word on the street is that ebay are under seige from these hijacking scams but refuse to admit it for fear of everyone deserting the site.
Ebay pulled the plug on my account and are now ignoring my emails regarding my request for further information on account security issues.
So everyone take care and exercise caution...linkclick here

merry christmas

  johnnyrocker 00:15 24 Dec 2003

its a shame cos i recently signed up for it but will now give it a wide berth.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:15 24 Dec 2003

This is a rare event from the millions of registered customers on Ebay. Even if your account is 'hacked' it is not the end of the world and settingup a different account is not too difficult. To refuse to use Ebay because of one disparaging post in this forum, from someone that you have never met, is rather perplexing.


  Jester2K 07:25 24 Dec 2003

'hacked' = weak password ?????

  hoverman 08:06 24 Dec 2003

I have no problem continuing to use eBay. My password is changed on a regular basis and I do not use proper words for this - just a mixture of letters and characters that do not make sense. I agree with Gandalf's comments.

  Pesala 08:08 24 Dec 2003

Not rare for pcgal, who has lost her good credit at ebay. The article says that the number of attacks in "in the low 3-digts" i.e. less than 500 but more than 100, and of course still climbing day by day. Once the hackers know the method, they will keep trying until they are caught and stopped.

When I wanted to close my account at Ebay I was told not to bother closing it, but this shows that had I left it open, it could have been used by hackers without my knowledge.

The issue is worth highlighting, and Ebay could do more to reduce the risk. Perhaps they could temporarily lock an account and send an email with a link to unlock it, if more than three attempts are used to access it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:13 24 Dec 2003

Stealing someone's identity is all too easy to do. If someone hacks into your account on the PCA Forum, it is not likely to do any real damage, but it could seriously damage your good reputation that you have worked hard to achieve.

  Pesala 08:17 24 Dec 2003

People on this forum are here because they want to help people. People use eBay because they want to make money. Due to the anonymous nature of online transactions, there are greater dangers than in buying or selling face-to-face in shops.

Caveat Emptor

  Pesala 08:44 24 Dec 2003

Even here there may be some who would use the forum for ulterior motives. The FE cannot spot everything. Experienced users will usually spot a scam fairly quickly, but do not drop your guard.

Apologies to GANDALF <|:-)> for stealing his ID, but I hope it illustrates the dangers of forums, emails, and all online dealings.

  Mysticnas 09:23 24 Dec 2003

interesting... i wanted to sell my hifi on that. oh well, i'll find some unsuspecting pleb to flog it to for waaay too much!!! tee hee....

  TBH1 10:22 24 Dec 2003

Mysticnas - i wouldn't let this stop you using ebay - - -particularly as you are the seller.

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