Word, want some letters back to front

  richierich 20:16 05 Sep 2004

Sounds silly but I want to type a document where some of the letters/ characters are reversed you know back to front/ mirror imaged. anyone know how I do this.

  DerekR 20:34 05 Sep 2004

In the word help file, type in "Flip an object" and follow the instructions.

Bit long winded, but it can be done.

  steve0 20:40 05 Sep 2004

Most graphics programs will mirror text - I use Xara then paste into Word.

  richierich 20:59 05 Sep 2004

tried that but it doesnt recognise text as an object, ie only works on pics or wordart.
I can do it in photoshop but its very long winded.
maybe thats the only way, do it in other programmes and import in, just wondered if there was a quick way.

  Stuartli 09:37 06 Sep 2004

Theselinks may help:

click here

click here

  richierich 20:00 06 Sep 2004

thanks good links, I ll use photoshop as thats what ive got.

  brambles 21:09 06 Sep 2004

Type figures letters

Then Select ones you want to convert

Use Menu Bar and:

Flip Horizontal

Copy & Paste into Word.

Depending how you want to do it you may need a new layer for each character.

Hope this helps


  Pesala 21:47 06 Sep 2004

This one click here took a minute or two with Font Creator click here

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